Dreamworks deserves some serious credit. Over the course of many years they have made numerous animated films and almost everyone of them has been a success and well made. How to Train Your Dragon is no exception. While the trailer may seem to aim towards children, the movie is truly a delight for every single age group out there. Striking a chord with audiences both on an emotional and visual level, this movie delights all the senses.

The movie is based off the book and I do not know whether or not the it follows it’s literary descendant accurately, but the film sure makes one hell of a good time. Starring the voice talents of rising-newcomer Jay Baruchel and Gerard Butler, these actors take the roles they are given and make every bit of it their own. Their characters reflect more than just basic two dimensional people, showing off individuals who have a certain depth to them. This is especially the case with Baruchel’s role as Hiccup, a mild-mannered teenage viking.

Hiccup is a truly wonderful character and Baruchel’s vocal contributions only aid in making him someone to love. What’s so amazing is the level of self-awareness that Hiccup finds within himself. Realizing that he is unable to take life and resolves to try and change the ongoing conflict between dragons and his tribe.

Along the way he meets a dragon who he names Toothless. Toothless is another great bit because his mannerisms are very sincere and acts in a way that you’d expect a rather intelligent animal to behave. At the same time, he’s also insanely cute at times and just makes you want to run up and give him a big ‘ol hug. The friendship that the two develop is very personal and heartfelt, ensuring that throughout the course of the movie you’re rooting for them the entire time.

For those concerned about action sequences and are of the mindset that any movie involving dragons should have plenty of action, well have no fear. How to Train Your Dragon successfully incorporates just the correct amount of excitement and battle scenes so that you feel exceptionally happy and astounded.

The visuals are by far one of the best features of the entire film. An added bonus is that you don’t need to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3-D in order to fully appreciate it. You forget that you’re watching an animated film and simply get lost to the world about the friendship between a boy and his dragon and quite frankly, it’s difficult to find better stories than that. Go see this one.

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