Over the weekend 3 new Season 5 Doctor Who clips were released. One of which featured the Doctor clinging to life outside the TARDIS as it crashed to earth, while the other was an extended trailer. I decided though, that this clip was the best of the lot.

The more and more I see of Matt Smith’s Doctor, the more I love him. I was not one of those people who doubted Smith after his initial appearance when Tennant first regenerated, but I was excited to see what he would bring. Smith’s Doctor is quirkier than Tennant’s, full of wonder and overall joy of whatever it is he’s having to deal with. Whereas the 10th Doctor already seemed to know everything, the 11th Doctor approaches everything from a new, almost childlike, perspective. Of course this attitude is probably to cover up for the fact that he can annihilate you at any given moment should he choose to.

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