If you’ve seen the trailer for Steve Pink’s Hot Tub Time Machine then you probably think you know what you’re getting yourself into if you choose to see it. I went into the theater with that same mentality and I was completely taken off guard. Sure, the movie is what you’d expect, with the additional bonus that it’s better than what your gut might’ve lead you to believe and substantially so.

The movie stars the like-able John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Codroy, and Clark Duke. Odds are you’ve seen these guys scattered throughout the world of comedy, both TV sitcoms or random flicks. They each do their job quite well, but it’s the combined fusion of all their personalities that make watching them so damn enjoyable.

The premise of the movie is very simple and that’s a good thing for this movie; any more complex and it would’ve been trying to act as something it wasn’t. The guys decide to go on a ski trip only to find a hot tub in their room. Said hot tub takes them back in time to 1986. Using the laws of time they know from having watched the Terminator series, the friends decide the best way to make sure they get back home is by doing everything they did over twenty years ago. And that’s the movie in a nutshell. All the while Chevy Chase pops up as the mysterious old codger who knows way more than he’s telling.

Hot Tub Time Machine definitely has it’s raunchy moments, and those moments are indeed quite raunchy. Though for the moments that are hard to watch, the film makes up for it, or at least tries to, with equally entertaining scenes. John Cusask for his part looks slightly bored, as if he’s decided to sit this one out, letting his co stars do all the work. This attitude, while destructive in almost any other movie, actually works for this one.

The movie has its retro moments and i wouldn’t be surprised if it made certain-aged folks feel somewhat nostalgic for a time long since past. For those of us who didn’t live through that wacky decade, there are enough winks to movies and songs that have ingrained themselves into our pop culture to ensure we don’t feel as though we’re missing out. All in all I feel it’s safe to say that while Hot Tub Time Machine might not win awards at any point in the near future, it certainly is a certifiable excuse to get out and take a trip to the movies.

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