There are still some of us who are cursing Roland Emmerich’s terribly atrocious and CGI Godzilla, I know I sure am, but rest assured that someone is doing something about that. In what might be a good, but probably cataclysmic decision, an American studio has chosen to bring the jolly green giant to our home turf.

Legendary Pictures has obtained the rights to Godzilla, as if such a thing should even be possible, and they will be co-producing and co-financing a new Godzilla movie, teamed up with Warner Brothers. As for the date, what could be more foreboding than having such a beloved franchise released on 2012? That’s right, 2012 is the scheduled date of release.

Sure, some might not be overly thrilled to hear that Americans are taking something that is most certainly not theirs and messing around with it. Granted though, Legendary Pictures has distributed such greats like The Dark Knight, Watchmen, and Batman Begins, so I’m not fully ranting and raving at this point. If you all have any opinions on the matter, feel free to express ’em.

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