Marvel’s Siege # 3 was perhaps the most awe-inspiring comic book to come out last week. The 4 issue mini-series is completely redefining the Marvel universe in spectacular ways.

Picking off from the last issue, Norman Osborn gets hit right in the face with Captain America’s star-spangled shield and from right then, you know the tables have turned. The mere illustration of Cap is able to put the reader at ease, letting us know that everything is going to work out. Of course things take a turn as Thor finally slugs it out with the Sentry.

The Sentry has been one of Marvel’s most questionable characters, being an ambiguous individual, as he’s neither succeeded as a hero or a villain. We’ve gotten glimpses of the Void, the being of power that lives in the Sentry, but Siege at last reveals him. Only now do we finally understand what has been happening with the Sentry and why he has been so loyal to Osborn.

From what I understand, the Sentry has been lost and the Void has taken dominion…at least I think so. His story is so bizzare that even the character barely understands what’s happening. We’ve all wondered about Sentry’s power level, but apparently he has none, taking a full powered strike from Thor, and carrying on. Things have changed.

Regardless, Brian Michael Bendis is a superb writer and truly shines with the breakdown of Norman Osborn. Norman, having his plans come crumbling down, reduces him to nothing more than a gibbering mess.

Normally I’m not a fan as to how long it takes for comic events to get to the point, but in this case I feel pleasantly surprised. I rather enjoy the crossover issues, finding them all fairly enlightening in terms of both the heroes and the villains. So now we have one issue left and everything is on the line, oh boy! Just hold on and fasten your seat-belts!

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