And so a sequel to the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine is finally sailing off into the open seas of the cinematic oceans. The script is ready; written by Christopher McQuarrie, who helped to iron out the kinks to the rest of the X-Men flicks, though he’s best known for writing The Usual Suspects. The only real thing that needs to happen is for a director to be found.

The story is going to be based on Frank Millar and Chris Claremont ’80s Wolverine run, which lots and lots of people declare to be one of the greatest segments in Wolverine’s history…ever. I haven’t read all those comics, but from what I’ve seen, it is impressive. This is the period in which Logan learns more about martial arts, finds some love, and becomes a badass samurai. Though most importantly, whenever one goes to Japan, there’s always the hope to see ninjas and Wolverine tends to fight a lot of ninjas.

People seem to have qualms with the first Wolverine movie and its labored origin story, but I rather enjoyed myself it if for nothing else than seeing Wolverine slash and hack his way through everyone he comes across, albeit angst ridden the entire time. Regardless, the movie is scheduled to start shooting in January 2011, which means we’ll probably see a 2012 release sometime. Honestly, i can’t wait for more superhero goodness.

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