DC Universe’s latest animated superhero movie is by far one of the best to be released…ever. At least that’s my opinion. Featuring a voice cast with the likes of James Woods, Gina Torres, and Mark Harmon, nearly all the characters sound as they should.

The story, which is pretty much a no-holds-barred slugfest from beginning to end with brief intermissions to explains things, focuses on Lex Luthor, from a parallel world, traveling to the universe of the DC heroes we know and love in order to implore them to help save his world from super powerful tyrants. The League, led by none other than Superman himself, decide to help Luthor, and so begins a wonderful 70-something minute ride.

The fights, without a doubt, are one of the more exhilarating bits that this movie has to offer. This is due to how great it is to see the heroes using their powers almost precisely as they should be able to. As opposed to the TV series of Justice League where Green Lantern could barely generate an actual construct or Batman being close to a god, everyone is exactly as they ought to be…and this is wonderful. The movie, along with the battles, are all very fast paced so you never get the feeling as though you’re lounging around on one specific scene longer than you should. The cameos, both of the side of the villains and the heroes are also worth noting. I’d be spoiling the movie for you if I revealed who exactly pops up on either side, so you’ll just have to take my word for it and trust that the cameos are awesome, or at least exciting enough to fulfill most people’s geeky fantasies.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is definitely worth purchasing. I’m not saying that for any ulterior motives, but I’m saying this because it’s true. If you have any sort of love for DC comics, or superheroes in general, then you need to check this out. What with James Woods playing the part of the diabolical Owlman…well that alone is nearly worth the price of the DVD.

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