No, this isn’t some fan forum topic, at least not yet. While the two have remained indomitable friends throughout the ages, both the Last Son of Krypton and the Dark Knight have gone head to head on more occasions than probably justifies an actual friendship. This has spawned countless controversies over who would win in a fight between the two, and so far the subject matter has not reached an overt resolution.

Regardless, I’m referring to the recent auction sale of both Action Comics #1, featuring the first comic with Superman, and Detective Comics #27 starring the first appearance of Batman. The popularity of these two iconic figures is such that they alone have what it takes to define the DC Comics universe, but at long last the the argument over who is more well liked might finally have been resolved. On Monday, Action Comics # 1 sold for $1 million, while Batman decided that amount of money was unworthy for him and it’s most likely that he threatened someone into buying his first comic for $1,075,500, shoving it in the Man of Steel’s unbreakable face.

The buyer of the comics, decided to keep his identity a secret, probably in vain of the heroes we all know and love.

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