Cyberpunk flick Frame 137 looks, without a doubt, extremely awe-inspiring! I’m down for flicks in which the hero kicks ass in all manner of fashions, but when said hero is a kid who seems to down a few beers and having some drugs in between killing folk, well that just brings everything to a whole new level.

Judd Tilyard’s decided to bring this movie to life after it had been spawned from the imagination of the dude who created The Crow, James O’Barr. The movie is apparently a short film, which doesn’t mean a whole lot except that instead of 2 hours of little dudes making short work of guys with too many nose rings, we’ll get that exact same thing, only cut down in time. I am very excited for this movie, because such a thing deserves to have been made, if for nothing else than the joy it will contribute to the genre.

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