For the past few issues of Green Lantern Corps Green Lantern Guy Gardner has been none too jolly, having adopted a red power ring and has since proceeded to smite everyone and everything in his path. In Corps # 45, the matter over what was going to happen finally got resolved.

The only pic epic enough to describe Red Lantern Guy Gardner

The situaiton pretty much consisted of Guy, fueled by rage, having to face off against the rest of his fellow Green Lanterns in a fairly epic solid slugfest with Guy then having to finally go against the physical manifestations of his own personal demons. Eventually, the infection of the red ring gets taken care off by Mogo (who is apparently a living Green Lantern planet of sorts). The issue ends with the rest of the Green Lanterns charging up, getting ready to head back to Earth to take care of some business…which involves wrecking havoc on those pesky undead Black Lanterns.

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