Perhaps one of the finer comics that the week had to offer was Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern # 51. Safe to say that there were some other fun comics floating around on Wednesday, but at the end of the day, this one took home the prize.

What made this issue so great, besides the fact that it’s a Blackest Night tie-in, is having Hal Jordan fuse with Parallax once again, this time willingly, and going up against the Spectre himself. Granted, the Spectre has had his body and most of his mind subjugated to the will of a black power ring and needed someone to set his spirit free, but still, two of DC’s heaviest hitters going at it, even if it is for half a comic, is very amusing.

The whole comic is definitely worth the $2.99 that it costs and if you were to buy only one comic from last week, this is it. The storytelling for recent Green Lantern comics has been nothing short of amazing, with everything coming together in coherent ways, with plots that keeps sucking you in…I love it.

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