That’s right, Tom Cruise is back to do yet another Mission Impossible movie, because apparently doing three just wasn’t enough for him. This could either be a blessing in disguise or just downright torture to the general populace, the decision has yet to be decided.

What should be noted though is that J.J. Abrams is coming back…sorta. Alas he won’t be directing, but he’s decided to tag along as the producer, which doesn’t really put my mind at ease. This brings the question of who is going to direct. Names are being thrown around like free hot cakes on a college campus, but so far no one has decided to take the helm.

Also, no one has announced whether any of the original cast, Cruise excluded, will be part of the movie. This could also be a good or bad thing. The only real solid news that’s out about M:I:4 is it’s release date: Memorial Day of 2011.

I have my opinions about these shenanigans, feeling mixed emotions. I like the idea of Cruise returning for another Mission Impossible movie, but at this point in cinematic history, is such a film really necessary?

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