If you walk into a theater with the sole intention of watching John Travolta kick butt in surprisingly unremarkable ways, then From Paris With Love is probably your movie. What we have here with director Pierre Morel’s latest film, is a disappointing 90 minute long soul-less action flick.

You’d think that someone who brought us Taken and has actors just as Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers starring along side each other, that you’d get a pretty enjoyable movie. Sadly, that’s not the case. By now we’re pretty used to these sorts of flicks, a combination of a buddy-cop film and a regular action movie; what we get though is Travolta throwing around the occasional witty one-liner while Meyers scampers all over the place looking dazzled and confused at every turn.

The entire point of the movie seems to revolve around leather-wearing Travolta finding excuses to kill people. That’s pretty much it. The “plot” is a pretty easy to see through espionage story-line, with of course random violent encounters for Travolta to express himself through. Though From Paris With Love falls flat on its face in almost every conceivable way, it does have a few entertaining scenes…a few.

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