In case you feel as though you’ve had one too many bourbons and thereby feel as though your eyes are playing tricks on you, fear not, you’re reading correctly. DC’s next event, after (or maybe before) Brightest Night features Superman in an interstellar war against General Zod and all the rest of freakin’ New Krypton!

What’s gonna make this series awesome is the fact that it’s taking place in only 100 minutes! That’s right, there’s not going to be fights that span over days, or weeks, or even years, just a 100 minute slugfest. Also, there are only going to be four issues of the thing, making this all that much more manageable, especially so you won’t need to go scouring darkened corners for back issues or tie-ins. So to sum it up, it’s the forces of Earth, Superman included, versus a whole bunch of, presumably, angry Kryptonians. Anyway, I’m excited and so you should be too.

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