For those of you who care about Aquaman, and I imagine those individuals are far and few between, the King of Atlantis is stealing the cover for issue 2 of Brightest Night. Still. the cover looks very snazzy and it’s obviously going to pick up a truckload of readers.

DC hasn’t given many hints as to what Brightest Night is going to be about, though according to Geoff Johns,

“Brightest Day’ is about second chances. I think it’s been obvious from day one that there are major plans for the heroes and villains from Aquaman to take center stage in the DC Universe, among many others, post-Blackest Night. ‘Brightest Day’ is not a banner or a vague catch-all direction for the DC Universe, it is a story. Nor is ‘Brightest Day’ a sign that the DC Universe is going to be all about ‘light and brighty’ superheroes. Some second chances work out…some don’t.”

So there you go, take that as you will. And by the way, Aquaman seems to be surrounding himself with the company of dead sharks…yeah, there’s not much I can say about that.

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