Sometimes there comes along a brilliant combination of two things you love. In some cases it could be the team up of Superman and Spider-Man, like back in the 70s, while in other cases it could be a cold glass of milk accompanied by the delicious aroma and most heavenly tasting slice of chocolate cake. In this instance, we have Neil f$%king Gaiman working on Doctor Who!

The rumor was a rumor until relatively recently when it was finally announced that Gaiman was indeed going to be writing one of the episodes of Matt Smith’s Doctor series. And for someone who loves both Neil Gaiman AND Doctor Who, well holy awesome Batman!

If you want to check it out, you can read the entire article here, just so you know what’s going on. Though by this point, the news has travelled like wildfire across the Web that by this point it’s neigh impossible to not have heard by now.

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