Marvel and Lionsgate’s latest team-up created the animated flick of awesomeness that is Planet Hulk. That said, well, it’s awesome. While never personally being a huge Hulk fan until relative recently, and even now I just buy the comics so that I can see him smash stuff along with hopefully discovering who the Red Hulk is, I can testify to the fact that Planet Hulk is a good movie.

I didn’t read the actual comic, representing the Hulk’s time on the planet Skarr, but I know of it, like most of Marvel’s fans and it’s eventual lead in to the mini-series World War Hulk, in where the not-so jolly green giant beats down almost every single superhero on Earth. But I digress. For what I can tell, the movie stays very true to the comic, and even though it’s hard to fill many issues of Hulk-goodness into 80 some minutes, Lionsgate managed to do so.

The movie features some downright spectacular moments, from fights that are pure epicness (and yes, I know that’s not a word), to cameos from several heroes; cameos that are equally exciting considering the moments in which they appear. The animation, in and of itself, is a joyous occasion. Having been an anime nerd for about a decade of my life, I usually compare every animated thing I see to some other Japanese show. Needless to say the Japanese way of artistry has had a significant impact to the world of animation, and while some anime-ness managed to soak on through, it doesn’t take away from Planet Hulk‘s charm.

Really, I couldn’t see much wrong with the flick. If you love the Hulk, or just superheroes in general, then i imagine you’ll have a wonderful 80 minutes watching this. If not, then why the hell would you even buy it in the first place?

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