It feels like ages ago since I started this blog; actually it doesn’t but I thought I’d start off by sounding dramatic. I’ve been wanting to have something rather fantastic to post but most things movie-related all have to do with Sundance, and seeing as how most of those movies haven’t made the journey to one’s local theater, it’s been a challenge.

In terms of comics, events are either unfolding, reaching their climax, or just starting out. Captain America has returned to the Marvel Universe with a bang, teaming up with Bucky in order to take on any and all comers. Even after being dead for a few years, the original Captain still knows how to lay the smack down on his foolish foes.

Next week the animated movie Planet Hulk gets released to DVD. The premise of the story, for the individuals who don’t read Marvel comics, features the trials and tribulations that the Hulk faces after being sent to the planet Skarr. By the looks of things, the movie should be very entertaining.

There still hasn’t been many updates about the fate of Thor following the events in Siege, though the outcome will be resolved shortly and Marvel has promised that “an Avenger will die!” I doubt it’s going to be Thor, because the dude just got back from being dead. There have been rumors that Hawkeye, who’s been running around dressed as Ronin, is going to be the one to meet his maker. Being another character to have also just relatively recently returned, I’d rather not see him perish. Only time will tell though.

In DC Comics the ending to Blackest Night is approaching, and with issues of post-Blackest Night already out, this series is wrapping up, but not before a few epic happenings take place. Such as what you ask? Well, in this week’s Green Lantern # 50, Hal Jordan became Parallax again in order to defeat the Spectre. And for all of you wondering who those people are, well then tough, I’m not telling you. Go to Wikipedia.

I figured I’d leave you with something to watch as a small gift, seeing as this post has been a plain old rambling. Since my patience is extremely limited right now, especially when it comes to looking for random vids, I’ll share this with you, a combination of two things I love:

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and I will continue blogging for as long as my sanity remains intact.

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