Just this weekend, James Cameron’s insanely expensive and beautiful film Avatar ascended into the heavens to become the highest grossing movie ever made! When once Titanic was the mother of all movies with $1.242 billion worldwide, Avatar decided to go the distance with $1.292 billion. Needless to say…wow. Funnily enough though, 70% of that revenue came from oversea markets while Titanic‘s absurdly high record was made up with 67% of it being from the U.S. Apparently foreigners are more privy to blue cat people than Americans are. Who would’ve thunk?

It’s be interesting if I said that I was a skeptic about whether Cameron’s latest masterpiece was going to make a huge bundle of money, but I wasn’t. In truth, I knew that his latest film was going to beat, if not get really close to overpowering Titanic‘s long lasting record. I mean seriously, this is the guy who made the freakin’ Terminator franchise and the sequel to Alien, there is nothing he cannot accomplish when it comes to filmmaking, or at least when it comes to make lots and lots of money, more money in fact, then anyone reading this will probably ever make in ten lifetimes. Though if you do prove me wrong about that, please let me know.

Technically though, not to rain on Cameron’s parade, but if one were to use the U.S. Labor Statistics formula, Gone With the Wind is still the highest grossing movie ever, with what comes out a cumulative revenue of over 6 BILLION green little dollars. So yeah, for all you Avatar haters you still have Gone With the Wind on your side, and isn’t that just peachy?

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