I do not like Fox. That statement should be enough, but it isn’t. You see, what typically happens when Fox takes the reigns of a TV show is that they RUIN it! From Firefly to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox has a knack for destroying it all!

That said, the initial plan that the demons lurking in the bowels of Fox studios are concocting, is to bring Torchwood over to the U.S. Personally, I cannot think of a worse thing to do. By the way, for those of you who don’t know what Torchwood is, and shame on if you don’t, it’s a spin-off from my favorite show Doctor Who, and features a group of bisexual people kicking alien ass and taking names, led by the immortal Captain Jack Harkness.

Whether or not any of the original cast, or for that matter any of the original story line, are going to come over to star in this adaptation is beyond me. Somehow, even if John Barrowman does come along with FOX, I get the impression that lots of things are going to be toned down for American audiences, because let’s face it, for some reason reason or another us Yanks can’t handle the sight of anything non heterosexual and alien all at once on the small screen.

You can read the actual press report here, unless you’ve already been thrown into a fit of rage that destroyed your computer entirely, cursing the deities that be as you raise your closed fist towards the heavens and hope that FOX has nothing to do with Torchwood.

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