One of the reasons I go to movies is to find something that takes my breath away. It is easy to forget that film is an art, and to find a piece of art that resonates with one, is very important. For awhile now, I haven’t been able to do so. Sure, I’ve seen some feel-good flicks, or a few good movies, but finally I’ve found a great one. There is so much to this film, much more than meets the eye.

Tom Ford, the director, is mainly known for his work in the fashion industry, but after just a few minutes into his latest movie, it is clear that he knows what he’s doing. Using a wonderful blend of artistry and strong clashes of color and clothing, Ford manages to construct a superbly detailed and fascinating world.

Colin Firth, who in A Single Man plays a gay man, is reeling after the death of his lover, feeling unable to go on with life, plays his part with absolute majesty. I’ve never been a Colin Firth fan, mainly because he’s never been given much to work with, but that has changed. Giving a stellar performance, backed up by very few actors, and having to take the brunt of the movie on his shoulders, Firth truly delivers.

Julianne Moore, who I feel does just about every and any role imaginable, appears for only about 10 or so minutes of the film, but she portrays her character so humanistically, that it’s a joy to witness her on the screen, even if for just a few minutes. Nicholas Hoult, who you may remember from various movies and TV shows here and there, such as About a Boy and the British show Skins, is there for what appears to be only one purpose: to look pretty. On the surface, that’s what he’s there for, and he certainly does get the job done in that department. Yet Hoult’s character serves as a touching reminder to Firth’s, that life just might be worth living.

If I was to have a problem with the movie, it would have to be the ironic ending, but aside from that, I have no complaints. Everything works in this film; the cinematography is downright beautiful and the writing is fresh.  A Single Man was nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards and for good reason.

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