I think it’s safe to say that while Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did invent one of the most brilliant and awesome people to ever emerge from literature, he probably never expected his character of Sherlock Holmes to be seen on a big screen, opening a can of kung fu on whoever got in his way. Of course, since this is Holmes we’re talking about, it’s not really kung fu, just boxing, cane-fighting, and baritsu, whatever that is.

Anyway, about the movie. Well, this was another time in which I found the actual trailer to be much more entertaining than the movie itself. Before I rant about the faults of the movie, I’ll do the decent thing and say all the nice little things it had to offer.

Director Guy Ritchie, who is associated with doing pretty much any ridiculous movie that involves Gerard Butler, decided to take a crack at a more ‘serious’ film, though ‘serious’ is going a tad far. Still, what the writers and director do manage to display wonderfully, is Sherlock Holmes himself. The world-renown detective is not an elegant swashbuckler, and in no way went around dressed like this:

Instead, Mr. Holmes is a cocaine snorting, bohemian, who lives a rather rustic lifestyle with his companion John Watson. The movie doesn’t show off the cocaine side to Holmes, probably because the filmmakers couldn’t flow with the idea of their hero snorting drugs, but be that as it may, we do get to see a fairly accurate depiction into the character of Holmes and his relationship with Watson; something that appears shaky, but is instead very strong. Robert Downey Jr. does indeed manage to pass as a know-it-all Sherlock Holmes who has the ability to get out of any situation. We also get a brief glimpse into Holmes’s ultimate nemesis Professor Moriarty, who seems to have crafted a ridiculously large plot around Holmes.

Alas, the film, while portraying the characters accurately, is not that great of a movie. I found it hard to think of Jude Law as Watson, especially when he’s going around punching Holmes in the face or being a general badass, for while Watson was indeed a groovy guy, he was not this amazing. There’s nothing memorable to the entire movie and that may be because the dialogue is not wonderful. No one ever says anything in an interesting manner or in a way that grabs the audience. The entire movie feels too long and at times is more boring than it ought to be. Some of the best parts to the movie were the fight scenes, and while some movies are good because of their fight scenes, a movie such as Sherlock Holmes should not reside in such a category. Sadly, the movie did not live up to my initial expectations, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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