I think Mr. James McAvoy is a great actor that doesn’t rely on his pretty features in order to get the job done. From starring in movies such as The Last King of Scotland and Wanted, McAvoy always manages to deliver a stellar performance.

That said, producers and the powers that be, have started to strongly circulate the idea of having James McAvoy play the illustrious author Ian Fleming. For those of you who don’t know who that is, and shame on you if you don’t, Ian Fleming was the guy who created James Bond. ‘Nuff said. The man lived as a playboy and went on to join the army during World War II, living a life that somewhat resembled that of his literary counterpart. Does McAvoy look as though he can pass the part? Sure. The only problem being that Fleming was in his forties when he created Bond, still, no biggie; I’m sure audiences would be willing to overlook that small fact.  I hope this movie gets made, for if it does, I’ll be there opening day.

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