For those of you who care, sorry about not doing this last week, but I’m using the holidays as my excuse.

Anyway, starting off right at the bat, I’m saying that Thor #605 was one of the top contenders. If you remember from an earlier post, I was really looking anxious to this book, and lo and behold, it did not disappoint. Here he have Thor and his comrades vs. Doctor Doom and his army of quasi-undead-robotic Norsemen. You’d think that Thor would be easily able to handle the situation, and that’s clearly the feeling you get as you read further and further into the comic, what with Doom having to retreat into the sanctuary of his castle, followed by a ticked off Thor. The issue then ends with Doom having gained the upper hand. How does this happen? Well, through harnessing the power of the gods Doom has been able to literally capture their life force and put it into a body of armor that looks…unfriendly. Thor himself inadvertently strengthened the mechanized creature when he hit Doom’s palace with a bolt of magic lightning. Now it looks as though the thunder god is in for some trouble.

Next is…come on, I shouldn’t even have to say anything at this point. If DC releases a Blackest Night title at any point in the week, it’s a sure winner. Out of the three Blackest Night releases, I was one to favor Green Lantern #49, in where Green Lantern John Stewart is forced to face off against a horde of undead uglies. The plot is simple, but that doesn’t subtract from the book’s initial awesomeness. Check it out, along with said related titles.

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