I haven’t written about any books I’ve read, so I thought I’d start with my latest read.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol is pretty much everything you have come to expect from a Dan Brown book. There are mysteries, evil enigmatic dudes, and of course Robert Langdon finding himself in more trouble than should be possible for a Harvard professor, and yet still finding ways to survive. The joy I had from reading The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons has finally been lost.

What made his other books entertaining, and allow me to say that I have not read Brown’s Digital Fortress or Deception Point, was that they were fresh. I think that’s why everyone was so captivated with Brown’s The Da Vinci Code; because it presented a curious world that we often aren’t privy to, dealing with fairly controversial themes, and also being a plain old treasure hunt. And who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Fascists, that’s who.

Now though, we have a book that pretty much just follows the exact same premise as his other conspiracy books, only with different characters. We have Robert Langdon teaming up with some woman in order to save the world from erupting into chaos due to whatever secret has been discovered by Langdon’s baddie of the week. All in all, I’m tired of the same plot, and I’m tired of writing about it. Really, there isn’t much too the book. Sure, it’s fun, a decently quick read, and offers really cool facts about random subjects, and while that alone is interesting, it doesn’t do enough to make the book as wonderful as its predecessors.

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