Director James Cameron is known for having made some wonderful pieces of cinema. From the first two Terminator films to his making-girls-all-over-the-world-cry Titanic. Now, Cameron has unveiled his latest cinematic achievement, and it is quite the achievement. Having spent almost $500 million dollars on his latest film, you’d think you were going to get something spectacular, and in fact you do. I unfortunately did not see the movie in 3-D, but from what I hear, the experience was so profound that people were seen leaving the theaters in tears. And allow me to take the time to point out that no matter what you think, you cannot comprehend the scope of this movie unless you see it. There’s just no way. You’ve heard your friends talk about it and reviewers comment on it, but this is not only a movie that you must view yourself, but an experience.

First let me say that this movie is going to have naysayers. Allow me to explain why this is going to be the case. I think primarily the people who hate on Avatar will do so for one of very few reasons. There is the dialogue. While by no means a historic achievement, the dialogue is in fact kind of cheesy and is the sort of thing you might hear on a Saturday morning cartoon show. Secondly, the plot. Well, the plot that there is, and that is to say that there really isn’t much of one. It’s the usual sort of  scenario where the good guy sympathizes with the people who he’s originally sent to bring down, and decides to help them in the good fight against the nasty politicians and bureaucrats. Those naysayers are going to bring anything to the table to support their cause, whether it be a focus on how Cameron’s race the Na’vi are too religious, or something equally ridiculous. Still, they are wrong. I’m sorry, but if you are a naysayer, then you are wrong. Yup, that’s it, now get over it. And maybe Cameron doesn’t get points in terms of an original screenplay, but these things do NOT make the movie bad.

What makes the movie worth seeing is another list entirely. It’s easy to go into the film and come out afterwards thinking that you’ve just seen another expensive sci-fi action flick. But you haven’t. What you must remember is that almost every single, solitary, individual shot is NOT real. It’s all computer generated, with the only real things being some of the actors. Everything else is made with special effects. Cameron has been able to make an entire world out of computers that is so convincing that you forget the sheer technological innovations that went into making this film.

Then you have his vision. It’s simple, but positively astounding in its deliverance. Sure, the first two hours are sort of the build up to one of the most amazing action sequences in film history, which remember was made with computers and not homemade sets, but it’s well worth it. James Cameron had a vision many years ago, but was not able to bring it to the big screen until technology had caught up with his imagination. The battle at the end of the movie, which lasts for about 40 or so minutes, is epic. I’m sorry if you think that word is overused, but get over it. The last fight is epic. That’s really the only way to describe it. Those 40 minutes prove, despite his decade long sabbatical doing whatever it is that James Cameron does when he’s alone, that he still is one of the best directors we have.

Then there’s the Na’vi. I feel like like they do not not need much of an introduction. They are shot so brilliantly that you forget that they are NOT REAL! They appear so real and you convince yourself so heartily that they are real, that you begin to analyze their acting performance throughout the course of the movie. Besides being complete and utter badasses, the tech that went into creating them is remarkable.

I would feel like I was saying something terribly cliche if I said stuff like, “you HAVE to go see this movie,” or, “if’ you see no other film this year, make it this one,” but really, that’s how it is.

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  1. Great review. Just saw it, and feel much the same way. 196 hits as of now…way to go! Nice work with your commas, too. Highlight: ” Im sorry, but if you are a naysayer, then you are wrong… get over it”. Nice!


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