This week, the spotlight is shared by both Marvel and DC Comics, each putting out some pretty good titles this week. I’ll just start off without the usual preamble.

Marvel won my vote because of Dark Avengers # 12. Picking up from the last issue, we have the Dark Avengers facing off against the Molecule Man and having the floor wiped with them. This issue though, the tables turn, as one of the ‘heroes’ of the group gets an unexpected power-up. I’ll probably go more into this in another post, but to provide a hint: The Sentry vs. The Molecule Man. Who do you think wins? Anyway, as opposed to quite a few books, Dark Avengers has managed to remain consistent in the delight that it’s able to spread once a month. The writing hasn’t gotten any worse, and the stories are just as captivating as ever. What with Marvel’s Siege right around the corner, reading up on Dark Avengers before going on into this massive event is pretty much a requirement.

Next up we have, you guessed it, another Blackest Night related issue, with this week’s being Blackest Night: Justice League of America # 40. It’s not often that I rate JLA books highly, and this is usually because there’s either not enough going on, or there’s too much going on. Sure, they’ve been able to keep it at a reasonably happy medium all the way through, making it hard to not buy it when you see the cover on stands, but still. Anyway, here we have a few beaten and bruised female members of the JLA versus a couple of undead heroes and villains who have decided to strike back. I think one of the main reasons why I enjoyed this comic so much this week, is because it’s a fun read. While reading it, I was thoroughly captivated and I actually cared about what was going on. Well, that and super-powered zombie bad guys make for interesting characters.

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