So whether you’re aware of it or not, a bunch of people decided to make their own Legend of Zelda movie. The film is entirely fan-made, as you’ll be able to tell before too long, but seriously, it’s not a bad thing. This movie’s being called The Hero of Time and before you roll your eyes let me mention that these guys made an actual movie out of this. They made a 2 hour long fan made film, that by all rights, is pretty epic.

If  you still don’t think this is impressive, then read what they had to say about making the movie:

“The Hero of Time” is a feature-length, independent fan-film produced by BMB FINISHES in Atlanta, Georgia. It was directed and produced by Joel Musch. David Blane was also a producer of the film and starred as Link. …

The film was shot mainly on weekends over the span of about two years from August ’04 through January ’06. Post production started immediately and a rough edit void of any special fx was contrived early in ’07. The lack of visual fx and music help was challenging to the films progress; nevertheless the film printed a final draft in Oct ’08 thanks to all the additional help from saints like George R. Powell (composer)!

The film is set in Hyrule where a young boy from the forest (Link) is beckoned by his dreams and the sage of the forest (Deku Tree) to venture to the city of Hyrule and seek princess Zelda’s council. The evil Lord Ganondorf has plotted to overthrow the kingdom which propels Princess Zelda into hiding. Link endeavors to save them by pulling of the Master Sword in the Temple of Time. Consequently sending him 5 years into the future where Ganon now rules and threatens the future of the kingdom. Link must find a way to not only save his princess but the land he’s fervent for.

These majestic individuals were hardcore enough to go out for over 2 years to film their masterpiece, filming primarily on the weekends. If you still don’t find that impressive then you must be missing your heart from when it was stolen  all those years ago. You can watch the movie here, and personally, after only having seen the first 15 min before writing this, I think it’s worth it.

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