Last month in Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps # 42 Kyle Rayner kicked the proverbial bucket. My question at the time was “how long do you think DC will keep him dead?” Well, now we have an answer: not even a whole issue. Apparently,  Kyle was only able to “die” for 20-something pages before he was brought back. You may wonder what it was that brought on this amazing resurrection, and I shall tell you: love. Yeah…think on that for a second. His girlfriend loves him SO much that a Pink Lantern, of the love flavor, comes to her, recognizing her love, and uses that same love to bring Kyle back…yup, that’s it.

On the bright-side, Guy Gardner went over to the darkside Red Lanterns, and with the combined might of a green and red power ring, unleashed a world of hell on the Black Lanterns. Actually, my whole reason for buying Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps #43, was the fact that Guy was about to go all kinds of angry, thinking that his man-crush best friend died. Also, Guy takes the liberty of ripping off the arm of some malicious alien and then stuffing it down the dude’s throat…hardcore.

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