Today is just a hotbed for pretty much anything cool. The powers that be have released some new photos to the upcoming Tron movie, and quite frankly, they appear wonderful. Let me be honest when I say that I have not seen the first Tron film, which some would consider blasphemous in and of itself, but I intend to long before I go see this movie.

Tron, though not well-received when it first came out, has a massive cult following nowadays. So much so, that it’s almost hazardous to your health to say anything against the movie for fear that a rabid Tron fan is lurking somewhere nearby, ready to strike against any and all naysayers. But now, everyone is pretty much ecstatic over this movie, and after the Comic-Con sneak peak from not terribly long ago, the hype as only increased by massive proportions. Hell, just writing about Tron has got me all sorts of excited for this film.

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