If this cover alone doesn’t wanna make you even the tiniest bit intrigued, then you’re just a heartless cretin, the likes of which Dante writes about in his Inferno. But really, last issue’s Thor ended with a single panel of Doctor Doom looking over his head to see a very unhappy thunder god staring back down at him, hammer in hand, saying, “[Doctor Doom] may be one of the most learned mortals of Midgard…yet today he has a hard lesson to learn.”

Of course Thor is just awesome, which is something I recently discovered a few months ago when I picked up issue #600. Anyway, I am really looking forwards to Thor going to town on Doctor Doom, mainly because the dear doctor is a pompous ass who needs to be taken down a peg or two every so often. After having conspired with the god Loki, Thor’s evil brother of mischief, Doctor Doom has decided to try and learn ‘godly’ secrets that shall bestow upon him immortality, ’cause, you know, Doctor Doom doesn’t want to die and thinks he should be ruling everything. And really, with a name like ‘Doom’…yeesh. So Doom decided to go around and cut open some Asgardians (people of Asgard, the place where Thor typically lives) in order to learn their secrets. Thor, having learned of Doom’s plotting or just overall existence has come to set things right. The next issue, I hope, will be nothing more than a ‘Thor vs. Doctor Doom” comic.

Some might question who should win, and I’ll tell you: Thor. Yes, Doctor Doom is a tough cookie in his own right, being a practitioner of magic, having super strength, being brilliant, and having the ability to travel through time, but come on, the guy’s main enemy is Mr. Fantastic, a man who’s sole power is he can stretch…uh-huh. So while people might say “but Doctor Doom can take on Doctor Strange!” and he can, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s overly incompetent to taking out stretchy people. This means, in my mind, that Doctor Doom should not be able to lay a hand on Thor.

Granted, the writers are going to find some way to increase Doom’s already immense level of baddassery, and make him a formidable threat. I’ve heard, that the only reason he loses against Mr. Fantastic time and time again is because he gets blinded by his hatred over Reed Richards that he cannot function properly, allowing him to make all sorts of mistakes. Everyone else though, bah, he sees not anyone as a challenge. I may be contradicting myself here in talking about Doctor Doom, but he’s a contradictory character. Thor on the other hand is a god with near limitless power…’nuff said. Did I mention that Thor also has a hammer?

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