So everyone’s favorite werewolf is getting significant movie buzz nowadays, and not only because of his lack of clothing in the latest Twilight. Taylor Lautner, who was willing to undergo a serious makeover in order to fit the bill for his role in Twilight has been praised by critics as being the one actor who might have a successful post-Twilight career.

The L.A. Times have run a story that Lautner is being seriously considered for the part of Max Steel, a movie that would be put into production by Paramount. For those of you too old or just don’t remember because you were busy watching Bill Nye The Science Guy, Max Steel was an entirely computer generated television show in 2000, about a 19-year old sports star who becomes infused with bionic tech, giving him superhuman speed, strength, and invisibility. The show, which was only around for two seasons, falling out of favor in the United States, gained some serious popularity in Latin America…um…yeah.

So the question is whether or not Lautner should get signed on as a bionic superhero. He’s certainly got the looks for it, and that alone would be enough to bring a rather large female entourage to the theaters, but he’s also got what it takes to act on his own, without the support of someone like Robert Pattinson by his side. Oh well, we’ll just have to hold our breath and hope that Hollywood makes the right decision in this matter, whatever the decision might be.

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