It’s been a slow day, but that hasn’t stopped the Twi-hard fans of Twilight from slowly taking over the world, seeping into the blood-streams of young and old people alike. Apparently these near-delirious individuals have formed a website entitled, “My Life is Twilight,” which is pretty much what it sounds like. I have no idea why people would reduce themselves to having their lives revolve entirely around Twilight.

It’s hard to take these folks seriously, but at the same time it’s hard not to. Just reading some of their posts are…well…disturbing to say the least if not a tad bit sad. Here are a few:

“Today, as in every day, when I reread all of the Twilight books, I will cry, and when my boyfriend walks in the room I will intentionally start a fight with him & yell at him for “not being Edward Cullen”. He knows now not to come in the room while I’m reading.”

“I love Twilight SOOOO much I can’t wait until I turn 18! Then I can FINALLY get an Edward tattoo with the word obsession written under it. My life really will be Twilight!”

So yeah, I can’t bring myself to put down anymore, and for good reason. If you feel as though you need to atone for sins past, then here is the link.

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