Yesterday I made a mistake in thinking that Blackest Night was the only groovy comic of the week…I intend to rectify that mistake now by examining this week’s Ultimate Comics Avengers # 4.

So far, all of the ‘Ultimate Avengers’ comics have been the best of the ‘Ultimate’ universe batch, other than the Ultimate Spider-Man series.

Mark Millar’s Ultimate Comics Avengers is very awesome. This 4th series in the ongoing Ultimate Avengers run, focuses on Captain America discovering that his son is none other than the Red SKull and so has decided to hunt him down. Alas Nick Fury, for random political reasons, cannot allow this to happen and so gets together a bunch of ‘heroes’ to bring Cap in.

It’s easy to underestimate Captain America, thinking that he’s only a guy with a shield, but he is in fact much more than that. A master tactician and virtually every hand-to-hand form of combat, it’s no wonder this man has survived things ranging from World War II to battles with gods and monsters. Most of the guys sent to hunt him down, such as Hawkeye, War Machine, and a genetically engineered Hulk to name a few, each make the mistake that most do, only to realize they shouldn’t take Captain America lightly.

The book is good, the story is good, and the art is good, forming a wonderfully enjoyable title that has very few equals.

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