Rumors are one of the things that make the internet so untrustworthy at moments and we’ve all had those days where we read something so exciting that we nearly go insane with glee.

One of the more lasting rumors of the past couple weeks is the topic of who is going to be the main baddie in the upcoming Spider-Man 4. I know this topic has pretty much worn out its welcome, but I love Spidey and feel the need to continue talking about what has already been talked about.

Right now, it seems as though the Lizard is going to be playing the bad guy, but there have been cries for Carnage to show up on the scene along with maybe even Mysterio. Personally, if any of these three options gets picked, I will be overly ecstatic. Each character is great in their own way, providing their uinque ability/attribute that makes them more than a match for everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. Granted, Mysterio is pretty much a guy with a fish bowl over his head, but he’s given Spider-Man a run for his money on more than one occasion.

Both Lizard and Carnage are just such downright brutal and visceral characters that to portray them on screen would require delicate crafting. After the fiasco that was Spider-Man 3, with Venom not getting nearly all the time he deserved, I can imagine Sam Raimi wanting to try something different this time around.

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