If you asked someone who their favorite superhero is, then you’d get a a few responses: Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and maybe a few others, but Wolverine is and always has been near the top of the list since his first appearance in Incredible Hulk #180. Wolverine, as we all know, is not his real name but instead goes by Logan, though his real name is also known as James Howlett, and yet also known as “oh-sweet-jesus-he’s-coming-to-kill-me!” I myself, while not a die-hard fan whose willing to draw blood over the subject, do enjoy reading comics that include Wolverine, if for no other reason then then for the fact that he is a truly great character.

The entire comic book history of Wolverine is about as long as the Great Wall of China and has a depth of a few billion fathoms. From living the life over in Japan, learning mad awesome samurai skills, to being a member to what is nearly a half dozen teams, Wolverine is a truly unique and astounding individual.

Wolverine is his own character, he’s not the rip off of someone else and neither he, nor do the writers, pretend any differently. He’s simply “the best he as and what he does…” Wolverine is not a hero, nor is a villain, but instead an anti-hero. He makes his own rules, does what he feels is right, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s the Marvel equivalent of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry. Sure, you have the Punisher and Deadpool, who also fall into the same category, but neither of them are as well loved. Wolverine is not just a unstoppable killing machine, he is much more than that. There is a realness to his personality, after having been around for over a hundred years, that makes him just damn interesting. Smoking a cigar while stabbing the ever-living hell out of whoever is unfortunate enough to cross his path, Wolverine is by definition, a badass.

He is a tortured soul, who has seen a lot in his lifetime, perhaps too much, after having fought through both World Wars, been experimented on, and endured more pain and emotional trauma then the entire cast of the Twilight Saga put together, Logan simply refuses to stay down and wallow in self pity.

Powers: Having had his bones bonded with the neigh indestructible metal alloy known as adamantium, Wolverine is pretty much unbreakable, what with that, his deadly claws, feral senses, insane regenerative ability, and superb fighting skills, Logan is pretty much a force of nature, that once he gets going, is almost impossible to stop. But really, you all know what this guy is capable of and what his abilities are, so there’s no real point in my going over them.

Perhaps one of the only problems I have with Wolverine is his healing factor. The ability itself is cool, but nowadays writers have essentially decided to make the man an immortal. Once upon a time Logan could only withstand a certain amount of damage before, healing factor or not, he would die, now…well, read the Wolverine Civil War arc when he’s chasing down Nitro, and you’ll see what I mean. The dude has everything, and I mean everything blown away, leaving only his skeleton, and yet SOMEHOW he’s able to reconstitute himself entirely. The fandom behind Wolverine has gotten a little absurd over time to where Marvel has the digital comic of Wolverine Vs. Thor.

Now stop me if I’m wrong, but Thor is a THUNDER GOD. Did you get that? A GOD with a godly hammer, and near infinite power, and here he is being in danger of being killed by a temperamental little man with claws. Granted, that same little man is one of the most dangerous human beings on the planet, but that’s just it, he’s still a man, Realistically, Thor should just have to flick Wolverine and that hairy mutant would explode into tiny little pieces. So yeah, I like the good old days where Wolverine wasn’t immortal. Still, Marvel has taken the kindness to say on their website that Wolverine can indeed be killed, it’s just that the writers have forgotten this note.

Regardless, the character of Wolverine will continually be ranked high in the superhero pantheon and for good reason. Having teamed up and fought virtually every hero, along with nearly every villain, Wolverine continues to shine through as that character who’s willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone and everyone. There is no one quite like this mutant, and most likely, there will never be.

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