This week was a little harder than last in terms of choosing what I favored. Don’t get me wrong I love both Marvel and DC Comics, but this week seems to be based on “filler” issues, with a few exceptions.

Marvel gets my vote this week with two comics. Granted, DC did make things interesting with Adventure Comics #4 and The Flash: Rebirth #5, but even so, nothing stood out to me.

So first, is Amazing Spider-Man # 612. Call me partial to Spidey, but whatever. Marvel has begun it’s arachnid friendly series called ‘The Gauntlet,” which looks as though a few of Spider-Man’s classic foes, such as the Lizard, Mysterio, and the Rhino, are going to come back to spread some chaos in our favorite wall-crawler’s life. In this issue, we focus on Max Dillion aka Electro. His story, like most villains’, is pretty interesting, but what makes this event more curious is how Electro is able to grab the support of the common folk, becoming more popular than Spider-Man himself. It’s not everyday you have a super villain rise to immense popularity among the people.

Ironically this theme of villain-gaining-popularity-with-the-common-folk, plays out in my second favorite book of the week in Dark Avengers #11. Here we have Norman Osborn and his unruly crew getting the floor wiped with them by the Molecule Man, an enemy who hasn’t showed his ugly mug in quite some time. I find the Molecule Man so fascinating because he is potentially one of the most powerful entities in all of Marvel’s universe, able to alter matter, any matter, to his whim, creating and destroying anything he can possibly think of, with his only weakness being the limits his imagination sets on him along with his meek personality. Even more entertaining is how the little man causes the Sentry to explode along with turning Bullseye into water. Not just any water mind you, angry water.

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