Wondering what the hell he's doing in this movie

When I went into the theater to watch Roland Emmerich 2012 I was certainly not expecting him to have produced a Citizen Kane but I was also not expecting him to make something that made me wonder what the hell I was doing in that movie theater. To be frank, I abhorred the movie, and yes, abhorred is the perfect word to describe the horrific experience I was forced to endure for over two and half bloody hours!

There are a few, very few, okay bits to the movie, such as the destruction sequences and watching John Cusack running towards and away from the insanely large natural disasters that are perfectly timed so that he somehow always manages to come out unscathed. I would have been happy to sit through a 2.5 hour long movie if I was watching something worthwhile, such as Heat, but instead I received a movie that received more laughs from the audience than was probably intended.

We can't stop watching this terrible movie!

Now I have nothing personal against Emmerich, even though he did make such outstanding (*snort*) movies such as Godzilla (which was a butchering of the highest proportions of one of the most beloved science fiction characters around), 10,000 BC, which looked like a cross between Stargate, Dune, and Jurassic Park, but also Independence Day (which I find to be a good movie), and The Day After Tomorrow. Yet the man does not seem to care anymore about the quality of his movies, he just cranks them out, keeping the exact same theme, with some mild variations, and generally hopes for the best.

I also have nothing against end-of-the-world movies, but when you spend the first hour of the movie just TALKING about it, then there’s something fishy going on. Did the whole movie have to take 158 painful-to-watch minutes in order to get across the point that, yes the world has been destroyed but there are still pockets of humanity that survive. Honestly, had I known better, I could have just as easily led my life without having seen this…movie. If the world DOES end in 2012, then there’s no possible way that it can be as disastrous as this flick. Sorry, Roland, please try again..or better yet, don’t and spare us all the heartache of having what should have been a pretty awesome movie, turn out to be crap. I could spout on and on about my general distaste for the movie, but what’s the point? That being said, there are still gonna be those who love this film…’sigh.’

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