torchwood10After the miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth I was pretty much yelling at my computer screen, angered by the fact that Captain Jack had the audacity to leave planet Earth. Granted, Ianto had just died in his arms along with Jack being responsible for the death of his own grandson, but still, just because you’ve had your spirit utterly shattered doesn’t mean you get to go planet hopping.

Anyway, and I pray to all that is holy that this is true, it seems as though Torchwood is going to be coming back for a 4th season! Russel T. Davies was just recently interviewed about moving ahead with another season of Torchwood. The BBC hasn’t officially green lit the project yet, but Davies is already working on new ideas for Jack and the rest of the crew, such as there is. And so I’m left to figure that Season 4, if and when it does happen, will probably focus on rebuilding all that was lost. Additionally, I’m of the strong opinion that Jack and the Doctor need to be reunited so that the question of “where the f**k was the Doctor when the world was going to hell,” can at last be answered.

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