Yeah, I started to start off my writing about super heros with Robin, so sue me. Ah-ha, but I haven’t yet said WHICH Robin I’ll be talking about. And if I’m going to be truthful, I can honestly say that I’m not a Robin aficionado. Okay, enough with the suspense, tonight I’ll just talk briefly about the only Robin that’s worth talking about, though I am growing partial to Damian, that egotistical Robin running around, wanting to break people’s legs. We’ll start off with Dick Grayson.

And so the best place to start off is probably the origin of said Robin, as though you people didn’t know it already. As a circus acrobat, along with his parents, the poor kid watched his parents fall to their deaths, due to some dastardly gangsters. Bruce Wayne, being conveniently on location, takes the boy under his wing. After a training montage, Dick Grayson becomes Robin, Batman’s little-green underwear-wearing sidekick.

Since then Dick Grayson went on to be perhaps the only Robin to not have severe emotional or psychological problems, able to contend with the death of his folks and become a pretty kick ass assistant. What makes him so kick ass? Well, just like his mentor, the kid, not the man of nowadays, could hold his own in almost any fight, using his acrobatics and martial arts skills to come out on top. He also managed to master escapology, criminology, and a half dozen other things, all, mind you, when he was but a wee child.

I don’t wanna go into Grayson’s emergence as the head of the Teen Titans, Nightwing, or Batman, because that would take much more time than I am willing to dedicate to such an article.

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