The first image that comes to mind when you think of Michael Caine, is probably not one that imagines him as a badass. In his recent flick, Caine is hoping to change this. As I understand it, Daniel Barber’s Harry Brown features Mr. Caine as an old timer who is sick and tired of all the gangs running amok throughout his part of town, who has also suffered the murder of his best friend at the hands of malevolent hooligans. What happens next? Well, Caine decides to go Liam Neeson/The Punisher/Clint Eastwood on the unsuspecting fools, dishing out a world of hurt while the police don’t seem to care (surprise!).

The movie looks good and Michael Caine is a superb performer. The film has already gotten great reviews, since its release in the UK and hopefully it will reach American soil before too long.

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