So you know those ridiculous super powered zombies that have been causing 29 different kinds of chaos in DC’s illustrious universe, yeah, well, it seems as though they are starting to rack up the superhero body count. That’s not saying much considering how a hero seems to die every couple of months only to be respawned by the most random plot holes ever. Well now it’s Kyle Rayner’s turn. Yup, upon first reading Green Lantern Corps #42, I was fairly surprised when Kyle blew up in the end, in the surprisingly successful attempt to take down as many black ring powered freaks as humanly possible. Of course dying is pretty much a trademark amongst Green Lanterns and anyone who doesn’t die is kinda lame. Still, this is probably the catalyst for Guy’s abrupt turn to the dark side of the force, as we have seen in previews for the next upcoming issues, in which he has succumbed to the power of the red power rings, due to the immense rage he probably feels towards the loss of his (figurative) bro. Anyway, let’s see how long DC can keep Kyle dead, and if they decide to make the change permanent, I will be mildly disheartened.

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