24418new_storyimage0172662_fullLet me first say before I begin, that these ratings are pretty much based on what I read and not necessarily what everyone else reads and since it’s my blog, I’ll write about whatever comics I want. Now that that’s been cleared up, let’s begin. First up is Amazing Spider-Man #611. Amazing Spider-Man and the entire Spider-Man industry for that matter, has been on the flux ever since the Brand New Day story arc reared it’s controversial head. There have been ups and there have been downs with the last 50 or so issues, some villains that didn’t need to exist and others that have made Spidey’s life more interesting. Deadpool is definitely not a new face, but is rather a reoccurring figure whose presence is always welcome. I have to admit that I was not only a fan of the artwork, but the entire story of this one issue was just a joy to read. What happens when you get two glorified wise-alecks? Well, this happens. With Deadpool spouting nonsense as he tends to do, and Spider-Man just trying to keep up with just why Deadpool is fighting him, the two not only slug it out physically, but engage in the most hardcore of battles: a contest to see who can spout off the most dastardly ‘yo mama’ joke.

Next up we have Batman and Robin #6, not to be confused with all theBatman-Robin-6-batman-7721026-592-900 other Batman series’ that have a Batman and Robin title. With Dick Grayson as Batman, ever since Bruce Wayne “died” things have gotten a little interesting. Truth be told though, I preferred Grayson as Nightwing, back when he was still throwing insults at baddies in the midst of a fight. Nowadays he’s pretty much grown into the role of his predecessor, silent and badass. The villain of this story arc, is not Jason Todd, who has been around for waaaaaay too long now, after having been killed long ago, then brought back as a bad guy, before being a good guy for an ENTIRE YEAR, and then now he’s gone all sorts of crazy…again, but instead we have what appears to be a the terribly misconceived offspring of Prince and a heroin addict with a pink fetish, named The Flamingo. Yeah, it’s not the most terror-inspiring names, but the man does eat the faces off of people, which is something I suppose. Anyway, the issue is good, not just because Jason Todd gets the beating he deserves (again), but it’s simply an enjoyable read. The dynamic between Batman and the ever-so-pompous Robin is interesting, for the two characters are so different, yet they tend to work quite well together. Anyway, it’s worth a look at, if for nothing else than the appearance of a new villain.

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