Now I am certainly not the first person to post this link online; actually, I’m probably one of the last, but I love Doctor Who, and no blog can be complete without the presence of everybody’s favorite Time Lord. As a Who fan, I can say that I am really excited for this special, mainly because this will be one of David Tennant’s last appearances as the Doctor.

The Doctor knows that his days are coming to an end, and what he does to either prepare himself for the inevitable or try and escape his fate is anybody’s guess.

Apparently, in the BBC’s infinite wisdom, they have decided to release “The Waters of Mars” on November 15 in the UK, while choosing to kick Americans in the proverbial groin, denying them of the Doctor until December 19. Now let me ask you, are you really going to wait for ANOTHER month to see what happens? Most likely not; most likely, the day after the episode airs, it will be zipping and zooming online with the intensity of some sort of malevolent cancer and all the popularity that such a show can muster.

Regardless, I look forward to the day where I can sit back at my computer screen, *ahem*, I mean, television set, having waited patiently like a good citizen and simply enjoy that which is the Doctor.

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