We’ve heard the rumors and shaken our heads in disbelief, but now the famous video game franchise is being made into a movie. I saw this trailer last week, but since I didn’t have a blog back then, I had no way to speak about it. At the offset, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time does in fact look pretty entertaining, and whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal’s appearance alone will make the movie an instant box office success, at least with the ladies, awaits to be seen.

I have high expectations for this movie, but at the same time I have high expectations that those first high expectations will be shot down the moment after the film is done. I say this, not because I have anything against the movie, not yet anyway, but because it looks ridiculously cheesy. But hey, a little cheese never hurt anyone…unless they were lactose intolerant, in which case you got  a whole other story.

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