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‘One-Punch Man’ Season 2 Trailer Is Here

With the insane popularity of One-Punch Man, both the manga and the anime, it wasn’t a question about whether there would be a second season, but WHEN there would be […]

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The Season 3 ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer Is Upon Us

Stranger Things is back, boys and girls! It’s hard to believe nearly three whole years have passed since Season Two premiered, but thankfully, the wait for Season Three is over. […]

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Netflix’s Animated Ultraman Series Gets A New Trailer

For decades, Ultraman was a staple of Japanese pop culture. Known for the wonderfully goofy live-action show from years past, Ultraman featured the aforementioned hero doing battle with giant monsters. […]

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‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Gets A New, Titanic-Sized Poster

Despite releasing on May 31st, things have been relatively quiet where the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters is concerned. An epic trailer came out several months back and now […]

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The Second ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Arrives

It feels like forever since we last heard word about the upcoming X-Men film Dark Phoenix. However, a new trailer has surfaced, following the release of a brand new poster, […]

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DC’s ‘Titans’ Gets A New Butt-Kicking Poster

The DC Universe streaming service’s first original show Titans is coming out in just a couple weeks. In preparation for the big event, promotional material is underway for superhero program. […]

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X:Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Debuts

For a time it was unclear when, or even if, we’d see the trailer for Fox’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix. With various hijinks resulting in delays i.e. Fox moving the film’s […]