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Netflix’s Upcoming ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Finally Reveals Its Cast

You may have heard that the cult-classic anime Cowboy Bebop was getting a live-action adaptation over on Netflix. What you didn’t hear, until today at least, was who would be […]

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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 2’s New Trailer Is As Epic As They Come

Do I really have to wait until April 24th until Season 2 of the hit YouTube show Cobra Kai premieres? Apparently I do. Following on the heals of the amazing […]

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Nicolas Winding Refn’s TV Series ‘Too Old To Die Young’ Gets A Teaser Trailer

And really, what more do you need? An absolute genius of a director, Refn, known for movies like Drive and Only God Forgives (can’t forget Neon Demon), has a cinematic […]

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Releases One More Trailer

Yes, I know I’m 24 hours late to the party, but nobody’s perfect! So yesterday (or sometime in the past, depending on when you’re reading this) tickets went on sale […]

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Todd Phillips Delivers A Fresh ‘Joker’ Trailer

At this point I’ve lost count as to how many more Joker-related movies we’re getting. It doesn’t help matters that the TV show Gotham is introducing a full-on Joker in […]

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‘Pennyworth’ Teaser Trailer is Revealed

There are tons of characters within the Batman mythos that would do well with their own TV series. If you asked a comic book fan, or anyone really, about whom […]

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DC’s Detective Comics Gets A Brand-New Logo

DC’s Detective Comics reached its own personal milestone this week by making it to issue #1000. In a celebration of Batman and his 80-year history, a bunch of DC’s finest […]