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Mattel Reveals Their (Super) SDCC 2018 Exclusives

As far as San Diego Comic Con is concerned, there are no toy companies larger than Mattel and Hasbro. They are the kings of the toy industry and are known […]

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A Dark Supergirl (Figure) Is Flying Into SDCC

There are many great toy companies that make the epic trek to San Diego Comic Con and this year will be no different. Among them will be the Kotobkiya, the […]

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A Decades Long Spider-Man/Symbiote Mystery Will Finally Be Addressed

Amidst Marvel’s original Secret Wars in the ‘80s, Spider-Man happened across a new outfit. Dubbed his “black costume”, Spidey didn’t question the abilities or seeming sentience of his flashy duds. […]

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Amazon Studios To Launch ‘Invincible’ Animated Series

For years, the idea of an Invincible movie or TV show, based off Robert Kirkman’s highly successful and amazing comic book, was tossed around endlessly. Sometime last year Seth Rogen […]

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‘Creed II’ Trailer Introduces A New Ivan Drago

If you’re at all familiar with and/or are a fan of ‘80s action/sports movies, then odds are you’re well acquainted with Rocky IV. A legendary film with iconic music, Rocky […]

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Funko POP Is Headed To SDCC With Exclusive Dragon Ball Figures

With only a month to go until the global phenomenon that is San Diego Comic Con, companies are slowly unveiling all the wonderful exclusives they’ll be bringing to the show. […]

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“The Legend of Tarzan” Trailer!

Revealed only yesterday, I hadn’t heard one peep about the upcoming Legend of Tarzan. You’d think something Tarzan-related would garner more attention, but I’m sure as we get closer to the July 1, 2016 release date, there’ll be more publicity. Regardless, the trailer is definitely presenting a movie worth watching, as Alexander Skarsgard takes on the mantle of one of […]

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“The Huntsman Winter’s War” Trailer!

The prequel nobody asked for: The Huntsman Winter’s War. After the first Snow White and the Huntsman, which if anybody is wondering was absolutely awful, you’d hope the powers that be  would realize the movie’s mediocrity. This was not the case and/or they didn’t care and thought it would be a great idea to make a prequel. Now, despite rocking a stellar cast, […]

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New “Jessica Jones” Trailer!

Finally! I, like many comic fans, have been waiting a while for the new Jessica Jones trailer. We’ve seen a few teasers here and there, but nothing really showcasing the show or what we can expect. That all changed today when Marvel released the trailer. While not my favorite superhero, if you can even call Jessica Jones a superhero, it’s hard […]